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We at Sykkylven Stål will work for a good and sustainable environment, both internally and externally of the company. We all have an obligation to take care of society and future generations, we must think and live in a responsible and sustainable way.

Sykkylven Stål works to ensure that our employees thrive in safe and value-creating jobs, that production is efficient, that the products we deliver to customers are quality-assured and of the right quality, and last but not least, that we work continuously to reduce the environmental impact.

Sustainbility report

Sykkylven Stål focuses on the environment, and on that occasion we have worked on our first sustainability report.

This report reflects our work as of today, and focuses on sustainability work and how we can contribute to a better environment for our planet.

Download sustainability report

Download sustainbility report
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We work purposefully and continuously with improvements and efficiencies at all stages of our value chain through our ISO certifications.

ISO 9001:

Our policy is to deliver products and services at specified requirements, at the agreed price and agreed time through proactive competence development and process-oriented goal management. We work with quality assurance to detect and avoid defects in products and to satisfy quality requirements on the part of customers.

The quality management system describes the management's and employees' responsibilities, authority and duties within quality management and assurance. This will be used as a management tool to achieve our and our customers' goals.

ISO 14001: Sykkylven Stål is ISO certified by the environmental management system. Like all value-creating companies, we have an impact on the environment, but we do what we can to minimize this impact.

We work to increase environmental efficiency at all stages of the value chain by preventing and reducing resource consumption, emissions and waste.

ISO 45001: We run targeted measures and continuous work to develop and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Research shows that employees who thrive in their jobs cope with working days and tasks better, and deliver better results than those who do not.

We work to ensure that our employees thrive in their jobs, both to ensure the quality we deliver from us, but also to retain the valuable competence these people possess. Our employees should thrive at work.

UN's sustainbility goals

The UN's sustainability goals are a joint work plan to eradicate poverty, combat and stop climate change. As an SME company, we do not have the opportunity to bite too much, but take our part of the work seriously.


Below you can read how we work with four of the UN's sustainability goals:

8. Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all.


With us at Sykkylven Stål, arrangements are made to employ and take care of people in all phases of life. As a workplace for almost 40 people, we will make it easy for our employees to master their jobs and work tasks. Those who thrive at work deliver better results.

9. Build solid infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

Our products are produced in Norway, in Sykkylven at our own production facilities. We work continuously to manufacture innovative quality solutions for our customers. High quality means long shelf life.

12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


The quality products we supply shall not be subject to early replacement.

Bærekraftsmål nr. 8
Bærekraftsmål nr. 9
Bærekraftsmål nr. 12

11. Making cities and local communities inclusive, safe, robust and sustainable.


Sykkylven Stål wants to contribute to an inclusive local community that is safe, robust and sustainable.

We want to make workplaces attractive and maintain local jobs, in addition to contributing to the local economy being sustainable.

By transporting smartly, we also reduce the environmental impact.


17. Collaborate to achieve goals


Strengthen the cooperation needed, and renew global partnerships for sustainable development.

Sykkylven Stål AS wants to collaborate with suppliers and customers in order to strengthen innovation and improve the development of sustainable products.

Other certifications

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official eco-label in the Nordic region, and is a comprehensive labeling scheme that places strict demands on the environment, health and ethics. The goal of the Nordic Ecolabel is for consumers to be able to make ethically good, sustainable and informed choices on the basis of credible and comprehensive information.

As a result of cooperation between the consumer, retailer and us as a producer, in order to satisfy environmental requirements and expectations in the market, we have chosen raw materials and suppliers that have the same environmental focus as us. Through these collaborations, we have manufactured sustainable contract furniture, where a number of these pieces of furniture have been awarded the prestigious Nordic Ecolabel (no. 2031 0086).

Svanemerkede Skole-og Kontraktsmøbel Sykkylven Stål AS
Medlem av Grønt Punkt Norge for miljøhåndtering av Emballasje Sykkylven Stål AS

We are also a member of Green Dot Norway, which facilitates environmental management of our packaging.


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