From Sykkylven to The Big Apple!

The 17th of May is fast approaching. This day commemorates the signing of the constitution. It is usually filled with marching bands, salutes, "bunads" - national costumes, hot-dogs and ice-cream. This is not how we are going to celebrate this year. We are taking the trip from Sykkylven to The Big Apple - New York City. From the 15th to the 17th of may, the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair will be held, better known by the acronym "ICFF".

ICFF is North America's leading platform for modern furniture design. At the fair, a wide range of products is presented, but also inspiration through panel debates, lectures and conversations with others in the professional community.

Every year, Norsk Industri participates with a stand - Inside Norway - at ICFF, where Norwegian manufacturers of furniture, interiors and the like. presented to the US market. This year we are one of these, with our brand Dyfosit® Reflects your movements. Our fellow participant are Lundhs Real Stone, Hadeland Glassverk, Eikund, Heymat, Volver, Fram Oslo og Figgjo.

For those who are not familiar with Dyfosit®, it is our brand of patented functional systems for recliners. One of our main focuses during the innovation process as been design freedom and comfort - something we have solved in a way that no one else has achieved before us. We believe that designers should be able to unfold their creativity unrestrained. The furniture manufacturers must be able to retain their unique identity and expression through the furniture. The end customer should be able to relax and achieve a resting heart rate faster and sit a little longer without getting sore.

We have had a Norwegian and European presence for a few years now, and experienced success with our products in these markets. Now we think it's time for us to take the trip across the pond to the big apple to meet potentially new partners.

It is worth mentioning that our sales- and marketing manager; Inger sjøli will participate in a panel debate where all of the Norwegian Manufacturers at the Inside Norway stand will talk a little bit about ourselves, our technology and our products. We will talk about what makes us unique suppliers, what makes our products special. We believe that unique, competitive and relevant competence and technology, green thinking and a drive for innovation makes us stand out. And we would love to go into details on how this makes us special.

We have been part of the Norwegian furniture adventure for over 70 years. Where we have taken an active part in the building up and shaping of the industry. We are proud of this and we want to tell you more!

If you take the trip to Javits Center in Manhattan during these days, stop by stand # 519. Click on the invitation on this page and get a free ticket to the fair!

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