ICFF - worth the trip?

It has now been almost a month since we set foot on American soil. After a year and a half of working and planning in collaboration with Norsk Industri, Aros communications and our co-exhibitors Eikund, Hadeland Glassverk, Heymat, Figgjo, Lundhs Realstone, Volver and Fram Oslo, we were excited to see what the ICFF had in store for us!

What is ICFF you may ask? It is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair held at the Javits Center in New York. ICFF is the leading platform for contemporary furnishing design, where exhibitors (like us) meets editors, manufacturers, academics, buyers, architects and designers.

We were at the fair, exhibiting our Dyfosit® functional systems MK5 and MK7. These functional systems have incomparable qualities that designers and manufacturers can, and will, benefit from if our systems are used in their designs/products. Designers have increased design freedom, and manufacturers get to keep their identity in addition to next level comfort. Read more about our brand Dyfosit® Reflects your movements here.

Pictured to the left is Inger Sjøli with our MK5 functional frame and the Narvik recliner from Stordal Møbel. Pictured in the middle is the Consul General Heidi Olufsen speaking in front of press and exhibitors. Pictures to the right is our patented functional frame MK5 with the Narvik recliner from Stordal Møbel.

The week began with an exciting day in the residence of the Norwegian Consul General, where we got to introduce ourselves to both the press and other stakeholders. With a beautiful view from the 23rd floor, good food and drink, good mood, productive conversations and good dialogues, we would say that this day was indeed a very good day! We were well presented, both in the form of a small film clip and a small Q&A where our Sales and Marketing Manager Inger answered the questions that were directed at us very well. This day really set the expectations for the coming days.

Here are the representatives from Heymat Tina Østrem and Sonja Djønne , Hadeland Glassverk v. John Jacobsen, Eikund v. Jørgen Tengsedal, Figgjo v. Anders Hellegaard, Lundhs Realstone v Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad, and Fram Oslo v. Sunniva Hoff og Annette Hoff, in addition to us: Dyfosit v. Inger Sjøli together with the Consul General Heidi Olufsen, Amy Rosi from Aros Communications and Ragnhild Grytten from Norsk Industri (missing Ksenia Stanishevski from Volver).

The three trade fair days were very exciting, and certainly lived up to our expectations. The Booth, which was designed by Tobias Berg, was so well designed, finished and nice. With a proper Scandinavian expression in bright, soft and neutral colors, we believe that the stand gave a really good impression and created a lot of curiosity and interest. Mission successfully accomplished!

Dyfosit® patented functional system MK5 and MK7 together with recliner Narivik from Stordal Møbel.

Inside Norway has received a lot of attention before the fair, which gave us all the opportunity to present ourselves in a panel debate on Norwegian design, production and sustainability on the first day of the fair. Again, Inger fronted us and our message in an honest and orderly way. On the second day of the fair, Norsk Industri arranged a Happy Hour at the booth, where food and drinks were served to exhibitors and our guests and passers-by.

The feedback has been striking and uniquely positive. Designers that we talked to were speechless, because the possibilities for design are endless. Manufacturers and other visitors have been floored from the incomparable comfort, some even dozed off after being seated for a little while. We really have something to offer. We found that those who came by the booth, who were not necessarily the "right" people, partners or customers, were incredibly helpful and willing to share information about possible connections and approaches for us to further investigate.

A big thank you to Ragnhild Grytten, Egil Sundet and Norsk Industri for making this possible! And to Amy Rosi at Aros Communication for the incredible work on exposure!

So, what now?

In the weeks after the ICFF, we have worked to reflecting on what we have done and what we have achieved in the few days we spent "across the pond". We have worked hard to process all leads, send emails, arrange follow-up interviews and team meetings. We have sent samples and price lists to potential partners, designers and manufacturers. The job is not finished, the processing has just begun, but we are optimistic about the results. And not least, we would surly do all of this again!

10 out of 10, would recommend

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