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Innovation and

Product Development

Based on our brand promise: we work to excite and strengthen competitiveness, we want to add growth power and profitability to our customers, we have a great focus on innovation and product development, both for our own development and in collaboration with customers. Sykkylven Stål's creative power and ability to innovate is strong. Based on this power, ability and the technology we possess, we are able to develop and manufacture on-demand components and complete solutions that no one else done before us.

From Idea to Success 

In recent years, we have made great progress with our function systems for the furniture industry. Lars Magnus Skog, the company's production manager, had an idea of ​​how a new function could solve several problems many people experience with "today's" recliners;


Do you ever feel like you're slipping out of your chair?

Do you sometimes get a little sore in the lower back from sitting for a long time?

Do you always need to straighten your shirt when you get up?

Do you as a designer feel that your expressions are lost as a result of little design freedom?



We believed that all these problems could be solved. Through collaboration with and support from Innovation Norway and Møre and Romsdal County, the idea was put into the product development department, and we have since developed the function system "MK5". This functional system has received a lot of attention because it just solves all these problems. The comfort has been described internationally as "the best comfort ever" and designers have paid tribute to the solution that has opened up for greater design freedom and opportunities to differentiate themselves and retain unique expressions.



We are currently working on ideas and development of new function systems for the furniture industry, and with the support of Sykkylven Næringsutvikling, we have also chosen to build a brand around the function systems. When you hear about, or recognize the brand, you know it's ours, you know it's quality, you know it's the best comfort there is. 


Reflects Your Movements

Product Development and Customer Collaborations

Due to the expertise we possess within the company, with both the use of IT and production technology, we work with our customers to best present their ideas for products and components. Based on our technology, expertise and innovative power, we assist our customers with product customizations that fit our production technology.

We manufacture prototypes to ensure that design, intended function and technology are taken care of.

We use advanced data and 3D tools to create good technological solutions.

We have a customized production, which allows our customers to further develop their ideas for successes.

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