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Powder Coating


In our modern lacquering facilities we can handle all RAL colours. We have a state-of-the-art powder coating plant that pre-processes and coats metal components for indoor and outdoor use. 


  1. The metal components are degreased and phosphatised. Oxilan is added in a separate process to provide an anti-corrosive layer between the coating and the metal.

  2. The components are then dried before being powder-coated in an electrostatic process. Finally, the components are placed in a tempering furnace.

Powder-coating provides a mechanically strong surface with good adhesion. It is environmentally friendly and superior in quality to every type of wet-coating.

The process is closed, environmentally friendly and is monitored to ensure consistent and reliable quality. Pre-processing and application are in corrosion class C4 High.

Lakkanlegg som håndterer aller RAL farger. Knaggrekke. Sykkylven Stål AS
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