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Press Brake and Bending Machines

  • Bending length 3 meters

  • Up to 12 mm

  • All metals

Kantpresser og Knekkemaskiner Sykkylven Stål AS

Laser Cutter

  • 4 kW automatic in and out feeder

  • Sheet thickness up to 20 mm clean cut

  • Unmanned operation

  • Stainless, aluminum, steel

 Laserskjærer Sykkylven Stål AS

Turret Punch Press

  • CNC-controlled machine for sheet metal fabrication

  • Countersink bit/threads

  • Sheet thickness up to 6 mm

  • All metals

Revolverstanse Stanse Amada Pega 357 Sykkylven Stål AS
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