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Sustainability work is important for the future

Sykkylven Stål dives into the importance of sustainability work and further explores how this work can further shape our future. Through professional skill, technological competence and a strong focus on value creation, we lay the foundations for a more robust future characterized by harmony between people, our planet and the economy.

Strategy – an important part

The world is constantly changing and sustainability work have a important role in the success of businesses and the future of society. By integrating the principles of sustainability into our business strategy, we take responsibility for the environment, society and economic growth.

The UN's sustainability goals guide us in the direction of more inclusive and sustainable development. Through focused measures, we can contribute to a profitable long-term value creation that benefits both current and future generations. In our business strategy, Sykkylven Stål has chosen to work with five of the UN's sustainability goals; Nos. 8, 9, 11, 12 and 17.

Sykkylven Stål have recently finished the first sustainability report in 2024, where we get an insight into our own footprint and can identify areas where we can implement more sustainable solutions.

Read our sustainbility report here:

Sustainability Report 2023-2024
Download PPTX • 42.67MB

Mutual respect

In our company, we value mutual respect and pride in our work as a central part of our culture. We know that every step towards a more sustainable future counts, and this drives us to continue exploring innovative solutions.

This not only leads to individual growth, but also to a collective success for the entire organization. With mutual respect as a guiding star, we look forward to the future and we are ready to face new challenges.

Cooperation for sustainability

In today's complex world, collaboration is essential. By combining our resources, knowledge and skills, we can create more efficient and sustainable solutions.

When we work together to achieve common goals related to sustainability, not only our own business is strengthened, but also the society around us. It's about looking beyond our own interests and thinking about the bigger picture - how our work can have a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.

Together we can work towards the UN's sustainability goals and contribute to a world that is more environmentally friendly, fair and forward-looking. #sustainbility #environment #sustainbilityreport #sykkylvenstål

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