Over the years, after determined efforts and a few comprehensive restructuring processes, we have developed into an innovative, unique, high-tech company with leading expertise in product development, pipe and plate processing, machining and surface treatment. We are a leading supplier of components for the furniture and maritime industry, and we create quality solutions that excite and strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.


our business foundation is based on our ambition to be a value-creating and leading partner. We work to achieve good cooperation and our values ​​are based on trust. Our vision is to be the first choice for our customers and to be a reliable partner and co-supplier. Our main goal is to create added value and increase competitiveness for our customers.

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Sykkylven Stål AS 'history dates back to 1972, when Sykkylven Stålindustri AS was established with the intention of producing products and components for the furniture cluster in the area.


Sykkylven Stålindustri went bankrupt, and new owners and new leadership came in. A new company was established. What was then called Stål og Galvano has later become what we are known as today, Sykkylven Stål AS.


We, like many others, felt the effects of the financial crisis, as we lost large parts of our income over night, as a result of partners outsourcing large parts of their operations to cheaper production countries. New possible markets were discovered, and cooperation agreements were signed.


We continuously work with product development and manufacturing of components for the maritime industry and the furniture industry.

Karl Andre Tafjord ved Maskineringssenteret hos Sykkylven Stål AS


Today, Sykkylven Stål AS is a medium-sized company, with around 40 employees, all of whom possess unique and valued expertise.

Today, we have a large part of our production aimed at the maritime industry, where there is zero tolerance for nonconformities in the products we supply. We keep this quality standard high in the company and transfer to the production which is aimed at furniture, project and product development.

Sykkylven Stål Rafting i Valldalen 2008


Based on the recognition of the basic commitment of the business community to run our business in a sustainable way, with respect for people, future generations and the environment, we take on a responsible and important social role where our value creation makes a sustainable contribution that helps to ensure the welfare of Norway.

Fasade Sykkylven Stål AS


Sykkylven is a town in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. The region is known for the concentration of companies operating in the shipping and shipbuilding, fishing and aquaculture industries, and is weidely known for its furniture industry.


Sykkylven is famous for its long history and many traditions in design, furniture, product development and furniture production. Siesta and Stressless come from this national furniture cluster, and well-known designers such as Ingmar Relling have had historical impact on the furniture industry and have been able to take note of viable successes both nationally and internationally.

Through close cooperation with the furniture manufacturers in the region, we have been able to develop unique long-life functional systems, extended design freedom and ensure comfort.

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Sykkylven Stål AS

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